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Pembesar Penis Alami - Hasil Permanen - Gratis

There are so many men who feel insecure when attempting to approach a girl to be invited kejenjang more serious relationship. There is also a man who always feel insecure when they have to run the obligation on the bed. They are the same problems that they are inferior because of their small penis. It is true that if the size of the penis is the main problem of domestic harmony, especially the affairs of the bedroom as a big and long penis can satisfy couples tend to more quickly and simultaneously satisfy yourself because the sensation you get. Experts also mengaminkan that long penis size will be easier to reach the G-spot is located is rather added and large diameter of the penis that also give full stimulus to the walls of the vagina so that women will be stimulated even more powerful and more easily achieve orgasm.

Besides a long and large penis also increases confidence adam because they feel more manly and macho. But unfortunately not all men have a penis that is big and long. Certain races tend to produce men who have small penis size as in Ras Asia that have very short penis size is only about 12 cm only.

Therefore, the original Indonesian men have penises which tend to be short, though not all of them. For those of you who have a short and small penis, you do not need to worry because there are a lot of ways penis enlargement with penis enlargement naturally healthy and not harmful to health. Moreover, with a natural penis enlargement method is also very cheap.

How to Raise Penis Quickly and Naturally

Actually there are some natural penis enlargement ways that you can do yourself with or without tools. Metodenyapun also quite easy. The first is the jelqing technique. Jelqing technique is a way of raising the stretched penis. This can be done at any time with or without lubrication. All you have to do is run into a semi erect penis membuat or partial erection by using one finger only.

Then after the penis in a state of semi-erection, which you have to do is wrap your fingers (index and thumb) on the shaft of the penis and hold it tight enough as he massaged towards the end of the penis with the aim of bringing the blood to all parts of the penis. When the hand you've reached the end of the penis, continue with his free hand massage from the bottom up with the same movement.

For maximum results do it ten to fifteen times in one time. For more safe did you have to use some sort of sex lubricant gel lubricant or better yet a special oil for massaging the penis for faster enlarged permanently.

Natural penis enlarger second way you can do is a method of stretching the penis. All you have to do is pull the penis when flaccid still slowly until elongated. Do not try to pull too hard as it can make the penis aches and pains even until they bled. When you stretch the penis is then hold it for fifteen seconds and release. Repeat this activity as much as fifteen times a day in order to get maximum results. Basically natural penis enlarger means number one and number two is to train the muscles of the penis to make it more elastic and aft as well as enlarge the cavities in the spongy tissue of the penis so that blood into the penis can more that will automatically make a bigger penis expands and Long and strained harder.

If you are impatient with the above-mentioned way you can outsmart by using natural penis enlargement shaped vacuum tube. This method can be called natural because it does not use potions or drugs and pristine stretches the muscles and tissues of your penis. The use of vacuum tubes is common done and its function is the same as how jelqing and stretching the penis. If done regularly and continuously it will enlarge your penis permanently and your penis will be strained by more leverage and harder the course preferred by women.

There is one more way of natural penis enlargement is the balloon method. This method has been around a long time and is considered the most powerful way to lengthen and enlarge the penis up to 3 inches. This exercise also proved capable of making men ejaculate up to five times during sexual intercourse. But also this exercise is the most difficult and painstaking must do it. Baloning method is done by stopping ejaculation. The trick is when you are having intercourse or masturbating and already feels about to ejaculate, then stop the process and evenly massage the genital area allowing blood to flow more easily.

This exercise should be routinely performed, and if you are successful then the penis will increase the spongy tissue in the penis which served to place over the penis blood was tense. The more the spongy tissue that is the greater and the length of your penis. The results of this exercise are permanent, which means you will be tense penis harder and longer permanently. But it is rather difficult because the human tendency is not able to control the orgasm. Basically when you orgasm you are in a state of unconsciousness and this has been proven by experts. Thus even if you want to hold ejaculation but in fact many have failed. With lots of practice then little by little you will manage to do very well and you will get the results that natural penis enlargement most out of your efforts.

Advantages of Natural Penis Enlargement

There are many advantages of natural penis enlarger in addition to those already mentioned above that is effective and permanent. Another advantage you can get from natural penis enlargement are you free from drug addiction sexual. If you choose to enlarge the penis with drugs then you can dependency and you also harm other organs such as the heart and kidneys must remove the remains of the drug. The next advantage is avoiding infectious diseases. If you choose the method your doctor to membesarkas penis at risk of contracting venereal disease from other patients because the tools are less sterile.

This is very dangerous because of HIV and AIDS is now rampant. The next advantage of natural penis enlargement is the usual cheap. You almost do not pay anything for this natural penis enlargement unless you have to buy a gel or a vacuum device mentioned above. You do not even need to buy a penis enlargement drugs are expensive. Therefore, if you crave, desire a big penis, then try the above ways, in two or three weeks your penis will grow long and large.

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